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Design Scope

While choosing the career options for children, parents need to consider the child’s interest and aptitude, along with the scope and opportunities in any industry.

Generally parents are aware about conventional careers like engineering, medical, accounts, finance etc. But these fields are saturated today, as the supply of trained manpower is more than the demand. Whereas the unconventional careers in the design industry are much in demand with more than hundred specialization available for the students. Fresh design graduates earn between Rs 4 to 15 lakh per annum as a beginning, with a definite growth ahead.

To enter the design industry, one needs to test his/her aptitude, through a special design aptitude test. In this test, first the creativity quotient is identified and then the exact specialization option in design is suggested. This test should be ideally taken by students from class IX onwards.

NID (National Institute of Design) offers seven disciplines at graduate level and 17 disciplines at postgraduate level.Various specialization like industrial design, communication design, textile and lifestyle accessory design, apparel design, IT integrated design, retail and strategic design management, etc are offered.

Other premier design schools are Symbiosis, MIT, Srishti, DSK, etc. Admissions to these design schools are purely on the basis of entrance exam of the individual school. There are 100 seats at NID and around 500 seats at the other design schools at graduate level.

NIFT (National Institute of Fashion Technology) offers specialization in apparel design, accessory design, textile design, footwear and knitwear design, fashion communication etc. There are 1,770 seats at the graduate level at NIFT. Pearl fashion school has 540 seats. There are around 3,000 seats considering all the fashion design schools in the country.

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Fashion design, production and management – range of career opportunities

Fashion in India is emerging with the onset of the new millennium as well as the advancement of technology globally. From fashion technology and designing to styling, there is a lot that students can take their pick from. Since the last decade, fashion in India is finally coming of age. People are more aware of trends now as we belong to the ‘Age of Information.’ There are several options in this field, ranging from styling and designing to accessory and photography.
Fashion studies usually start at the degree level, after one has cleared +2. Bachelor level programmes include three to four-year courses in fashion designing, textile designing, fashion communication, fashion technology, and more. Internships are an integral part of the curriculum. Post-graduation diploma and certificate programmes vary in duration, from two years, one year to six and even three months. These include courses on handicraft and textile management, brand management, dyeing, printing, etc, and short courses in fashion technology.
Interning in various organisations like fashion and entertainment magazines, TV shows, boutiques, and modelling campaigns boosts your CV. Freelancing is also a great addition to your experience. The more experience you have on your bio-data, better will be your job opportunity and better the salary. Many designers also take students as apprentices.  The starting salary for a young designer starts from Rs 15,000 and is followed with periodic hikes, and if you start your own business as a designer, you will get the results accordingly.


Fashion Designing: Designing apparel, footwear and accessories. It requires creativity and individuality

Fashion Merchandising: Deciding and purchasing raw material, analysing market trends, keeping the production cost levelled and selecting textiles.

Modelling: Selling a theme, an item or idea, by walking the ramp, appearing in photo shoots, etc.

Boutique Manager/Owner: Interacting with customers to sell fashion goods.

Fashion Styling: Styling the models and deciding on their clothes, shoes, etc, making them look glamourous and presentable for shoots and other events.

Fashion Event Managing and PR: Managing fashion shows and other fashion events.

Fashion Writing: Writing features on topics related to fashion, covering fashion events, etc. Writing for fashion magazines, online companies, blogs and more.

Fashion Photography: Taking photos for catalogues, magazines, portfolios, fashion houses, etc, creatively to attract consumers.

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Accessory design: Is this a career to follow?

Fancy designing a tiara for the Miss India pageant? Or some really groovy eyewear that will send the fashion barometer rocketing? Or car styling that will be the talk of the town? If your answer’s yes, there’s a cool career you can make for yourself in accessory design.


Accessory design is a supportive activity of fashion. Fashion, conventionally, has to do with apparel and apparel-based products. But accessory design comes under the umbrella of fashion.

What it means is this: accessory design includes items like jewellery, shoes, footwear or bags. None of these come under apparel, yet they come under the larger umbrella of fashion.


And there are so many zones of the human body for which you can design so many accessories. If you look at the human body, you can categorise it into zones like the head, neck and shoulders, waist, hands and legs.

The head: For the head zone, you can design products like hats, head gear, eyewear, earphones, hair clips, as well as jewellery on the forehead or earrings.

The neck and shoulders: You could design products like jewellery or scarves. Each culture has its own way of designing accessories. For example, the Indian way is to use long or short chains around the neck. In ancient times, Egyptians used metallic spirals around the neck.

For shoulders, you could create sari pins or brooches. Also, bags that you hang from the shoulder.

The hands: You can have armlets, finger rings, bangles, wrist bands and clutch purses.

The waist: These could range from the traditional gold belt or patti or cummerband to the contemporary belts, mobile pouches, betelnut pouches, pockets for iPods and the like.

The legs: You can have toe rings, anklets, footwear which can be formal, semi formal or casual.

All these come under personal and body accessories.


But the other category of accessory design includes lifestyle accessories (secondary zones) like cell phones, cars, houses and their interiors. The current trend is the evolving from personal to secondary accessories. So, from watches and jewellery, the move has been towards writing instruments, signature brand of bathroom accessories and the like. Soon, we may even have customised cars!


Designers work 4-6 months ahead of the market, since it takes that much time from the conceptual stage to the actual physicality of the product. For example, right now, they must be working towards products that will be available in 2011 or even 2012.

Designers begin with visualising or ‘dreaming the product’. If it is a watch they want to create, they would consider what materials to use, whether mineral glass or plastic or metal, for example.

Then comes the ‘inspiration’ stage. They could be inspired by aqua or a peacock, say. From the inspiration stage, they derive the form. The next step is conceptualisation of the product. The next stage is design detailing where they get into the finer points like what the finish should be, what the size, what the locking mechanism, or packaging, or numbers.

After this, it is mock-up stage. At this point, there may be corrections to be made: a watch may look good in a sketch, but not as a product. So, this is when you can fine tune it to make it look better.

After the mock-up, you do some user analysis: take it to the user and ask — can you afford the price, does the watch meet your expectations, is this innovative? The trend, earlier, was that the market research was done first, even before you began. Now, you start with some amount of user research, and go back to the user after the mock-up. You make the required changes and come up with the final finished product or the prototype.

Following this is the stage when the product is launched, after the communication design stage which deals with, among other things, zeroing in on the punchline for the product, advertising, as well as designing the stores in some cases.

Students of accessory design get placed, among many other options, in automobile companies, and companies dealing with jewellery, watches, mobile phone handsets. Depending on skills, they may start at salaries of Rs 20,000-25,000. After some years, many start their own design consultancy/entrepreneurship.


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What are the eligibility to apply for CEED?
Candidates must either have completed or be expecting to complete any of the following, by July 2013:
  • Bachelor's degree in Engineering / Architecture / Design/ Interior Design or equivalent (4 years duration after 10 + 2)
  • Professional Diploma in Design (NID/CEPT or equivalent of 4 years duration after 10+2)
  • B.F.A. (4 year professional programme, after 10+2)
  • G.D. Art (5 year programme after 10th) with one year post qualification professional experience.
  • Master's degree in Arts / Science / Computer Applications
  • Please Note: Students with any Degree in a three year Bachelors programme are not eligible.
What are the dates for NIFT and NID? What about CEED?
The dates for NID and NIFT are announced in October and November respectively. These dates are updated on our site here http://www.afdindia.com/NID.htm and here http://www.afdindia.com/NIFT.htm
Dates for the CEED exam are updated here http://www.afdindia.com/CEED.htm
We also announce all important dates on our home page, so keep an eye out there for all the latest news.

Aswathi Raza.K

NID GDPD & NIFT Rank 3 - Year 2012 - Kerala

Hey to the AFD team,
And thank you to all teachers who have taught me and had contributed a huge fraction to my beating the competition and getting into NID. (Especially to anjana mam, Tulip mam, Denny sir, and Julie mam) I had gotten this advice before the interview and it had helped - Don't prepare ready-made answers. Discover yourself and be plain honest.

Thanks again to AFD

Akash Sheshadri

NID GDPD 2012 - Delhi

Hi Afd, Wish to inform you that my son Akash sheshadri, has got admission to NID, Ahmedabad. Thank you for the coaching and other inputs given by you for the studio test and interview which helped him a lot. Regards,Sheshadri iyer

Madhavi Singh

Rank 1 NIFT - B.Des 2011 - Delhi

To prepare for the NIFT Entrance Examination, I attended the one-month Creative Ability Test summer workshop and the week long Situation Test workshop at AFD and also attended a 5-day Situation Test workshop at another Institute in Delhi. The experience at AFD was amazing and the faculty is brilliant. The support I got from AFD was very encouraging and of great help. The atmosphere in the classes is very friendly. I learnt a lot from the classes and I owe a great deal to AFD for my success in the NIFT Entrance Examination. I take this opportunity to thank everyone at AFD specially Ms. Julie James and Somdatt Sarkar for their help and support

Diti Mistry

Delhi - NIFT Rank 137 Year 2011

Hello I'm thankful to the AFD coaching. I took for 5 days for the preparation of NIFT situation test. I got through NIFT with the rank of 137. Thank You.

Akshan Ish

Delhi - NID PGDPD Graphic Design Year 2011

I've been selected for the Graphic Design PG program in NID. I am very grateful to AFD for guiding me through the process.You would also be happy to know that quite a few people (Shitij Sood, Anupriya Arvind, Girish Krishnan, Yaju, Avjit) from our AFD IGP, Delhi class have also been selected to NID.Thank you so much for all the support!


Aakanksha Gaur

NID PGDPD Delhi - Year 2011

I have got through NID PG Programme for Information and Interface Design at Bangalore and I am in the waiting list for Design for Digital Experience. Have to thank the AFD team for their guidance and support.

Anupriya Arvind

Delhi - NID PGDPD for Graphic Design and New Media Design., and qualified CEED AIR 38

Anupriya this side. ! was in your Delhi centre for , weekend PG coaching course. I had appeared for NID PG and CEED, and i am very happy to tell you that thanks to AFD have cleared NID PGDPD for Graphic Design and New Media Design., and qualified CEED with an All India Rank of 38, score of 61 on 100 and a percentile of 98.2. I know I have not been in contact much since the coaching ended..but I attribute it to my hectic college n internships n placements. So anyway...i"d really like to thank the entire AFD team for their guidance, help n support. Al the effort u guys took in getting guest lecturers from India n abroad, n d teaching material n resident faculty was remarkable! it was all because of you guys that this was possible. i have been a part of AFD since 2007 (my NIFT days)....n i have never been disappointed ever since. Julie..u have been really helpful..coz u let me join d classes initially 4 a test run..without payment just cause u had faith in me..n i am really grateful 2 u for that.

Anyway...Now i have to go in for the studio test and interview round for NID n CEED and will need some guidance and input regarding that as well. so i'l be in touch with you asap.

also..id specially like to mention Gargi n Ashima...they have been incredible in their efforts! pls let me know hw do we go about this nw..as in..hw do v take it from here.


Bhopal - NID UG - 2008

I want to express my gratitude towards AFD whose eveready excellent guidance and training have contributed to my unique success. Im overawed with AFDs support. Without AFD, getting into NID was unthinkable .I came to know about NID through AFD only it helped me from starting till the end. Im very happy & I will strongly recommend all the designing aspirants to join AFD. Whatever we learnt in the class, exactly same was asked in NID. It was my pleasure to learn from such a nice & experienced .teachers like JULIE MAM , RUCHA MAM , etc Thank you mam !

Anubhav Ganguly

Allahabad NID PG 2008

Dear AFD!! First of all I would like to introduce about myself I am Anubhav Ganguly I am from Allahabad and I am registered student of AFD.I have enrolled for the program NIFT/NID Ug Combo Pack 2008.

AFD has truly given me a hope to entering into the top Indian Fashion colleges. Earlier when for the first time I gave my entrance test for NIFT 2007 I didn't knew a single thing about the paper and how about it should be approached, the type of questions that will be coming and how to maximize my chances of getting into some of the good fashion colleges. I came to know about AFD as i was seriously needed a help to get my next attempt a successful one. Though I have yet waiting for my results. I came to know about AFD through google search and frankly speaking I searched a lot of coaching institutes before deciding at last going with AFD. According to the quality, content and fees wise AFD was the best according to my needs. There was range of options that students can choose according to his/her needs which i felt the best about.

When I received my first consignment for my particular course it kind of generated some inner confidence in myself and from that moment I started thinking that i can really make it condition If I work hard. I particularly choose AFD because they have some of best faculties who can help you in their best possible way they can. The mock tests is the most which helped me to know what is NIFT/NID all about .I would like to gratify my special thanks to the AFD members who boosted a lot confidence in myself and fairly know this much with their continuous help I did a lot better than my 2007 NID paper. The books they provided right from the Drawing Ability to Creative ability were sure speaked for themselves. If one really solves them and go through it sincerely I believe that he has the greatest chances in getting to any of the premium fashion or design Institutes. Their part of labour is truly speaking for themselves because they the highest number of student ratio who cracked NIFT/NID examinations according to my personal sources than any other coaching institutes. I would surely recommend any budding designer or fashion designers who really want to get into colleges like NIFT/NID should go for AFD.

I only feared that the questions that are asked are not really very difficult to attempt. But thanks to AFD once again the practice with their mock papers made my fear vanished as soon as I saw the paper. I was just scared that may all the ideas come into my mind just for 3hours during which Iwas attempting the paper because it's only ideas and a creativity that can only make u sail smoothly which I believed.

Once i started attempting the question Thanks to God that my ideas and creativeness started to flowing in my mind rapidly

Kashmira Hajra

Kolkata- NIFT B. Des Rank 120 - 2007

I would like to give u gr8 thanks 4ur help, we got for those 4 days in kolkata, during nift situation classes...it was a gr8 help,, now i understand wat ur criticism and praises have worked.results have not cum out but still i cant stop thanking u over and over again,,, u were amazing teacher,, i thank AFD also for providing us those classes which i believe all my mates agree to b very helpfull..

hope all our as well as ur effort be fruitfull...

Sucharita Ghosh

MIT , Pune 2007 - Kolkata

AFD helped a lot but i believe the theory was equally hard so afd should give courses for that too. an audio visual course could be made........more aptitude tests should be undertaken thank you so much for being there for us

Ishan Kanwar

NIFT AIR 570, Symbiosis, Apeejay, Pearl

hello mam, My AIR is 570 and i am into the nift banglore campus in the accessory design (business and corporate) dept. my experience through every phase was really cool and comfortable but my most important period had been the coaching at kottayam. since i got 2 know 'bout everything regarding the nift's entrance there only so it was the backbone of my success. henceforth i really feel it not only necessary but compulsory 4 all hard core aspirants of all the design schools as its been the most important factors in my sucess not only at nift but also symbiosis, pearl & apeejay inst. of design really mam i'm very very thakful 2 u. the only suggestion ... plz have ur programs of short periods in delhi and other places.

Gurinder Kaur

NIFT M. F. Tech 2007

AFD provides an excellent study material. It helped me a lot while i was preparing for nift mftech entrance. It is all because of afd faculty that I have been selected for M.F.Tech programme in Delhi.

Anupriya Arvind

NIFT B. Des Rank 119 2007 - Kolkata

Dear Julie Madam, I m grateful 2 the AFD team 4 all their hard work n guidance. Im proud 2 say that I have got an all India rank of 119 & the credit goes 2 the entire team of AFD! . I am really indebted 2 u 4 competing in nift, srishti & symbiosis. The material u sent me was very good. It gave me a very clear picture of what was going 2 be asked in the written test. Having crossed that hurdle, I joined your situation test workshop in Kolkata. Under the able guidance of Rajiv Sir, i learnt the skill, time management and effort required 4 the test. U made me see the kind of talent I had & helped me 2 showcase it at the right time & place . Just wish I had known about u before the NID exam, then I would have definitely competed there too. You have been instrumental in shaping my career n I m never gona forget u!! If anyone reading this, is interested in designing, then pls. Join AFD coz they r the best people around 2 help u


IDC 2007 / NID PG SDM - 2007

Dear Madam, I am Pavan, Architect from Hyderabad. I am a former postal student of AFD for CEED exam. Now i am in NID, Ahmedabad. I got admission here in PG in Strategic Design Management in May, 2007.

And today after noon, IDC, IIT Bombay results are announced for their M.Des program. Thankfully, i got the admission in their M.Des, Interaction Design program also. I appreciate you for your help and material provided to me. I hope you to continue to create awareness among students community about design courses across India and the respective prospects in the stream.


2nd Rank NIFT B.F Tech / NID - GDPD

I am happy to inform you that I have been selected for admission in NID ..Your IGP postal course was of great help in cracking this tough examination..Thank you for your help and support.

Piyush Anand


i m glad to be the student of Afd who taught me how to walk on the zig-zag road of NIFT. The competition was really tough because there were limited seats and too much students. Inspite of tough competition afd explored our skill and made us master over toughness. I was having the skill and effort but that was of no use unless there is confidence which i got from Afd classes.I thank you very much for the efforts which Rajiv sir and Afd made to make our base strong to chase nift situation test. Finally i m in nift and i too got selected in symbiosis. But going in nift bcoz my dream was NIFT and afd helped me to achieve my dream. Thank you teacher's and thank you AFD.

Anita Ann Babu

Symbiosis 2007

I am happy to inform you that I have cleared Symbiosis entrance Test (set-test). Studio test will be on 11th June (this is conflicting with NIFT's date for group discussion). I wish to express my gratitude to the faculty, timely help I got from the study materials. Thanks once again.

Deepika V Ramani

Pearl Academy 2006

I am Deepika V Ramani Roll No:NT 795. I have joined Pearl Academy of Fashion, New Delhi in the Fashion Design Under Graduate Programme. Although I got admission in Symbiosis, I preferred Pearl. Your guidance for my written and situation Exams were very useful. Thank you. Will keep in touch.


Pearl Academy, 2006

I have taken admission in pearl academy of fashion in Chennai centre. Afd helped me a lot to ignite my creativity. Thanks a lot Sir.

Varshapriya. R

Symbiosis Institute of Design , Pune

I am very thankful to all the members and faculty of AFD for the training given to me. I was successful to get into Symbiosis Institute of Design , Pune. I have opted for Product design.

Ankur Srivastava

Pearl Academy 2006

Hello Afd,

I Ankur Kumar Srivastava got selected in Pearl Academy of Fashion in retail. And I am very thankful to you and your coaching material which you provided me.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Priyadarshani Pawar

NIFT B.F.Tech Design

Hello Julie Madam,

How are you? Hope you are doing fine.

I just got back from Delhi. I had my counselling for NIFT on the 20th of June. And guess what Ma'am, I got Fashion Design at Hyderabad! I got the design course of my choice though as centre I would have preferred Mumbai due to the distance. But I am very happy and also quite excited! Our term starts on the 10th of July. So I shall be leaving for Hyderabad in the first week of July probably. I would like to thank you for all your help and guidance! Your classes and your teaching was a real boon! I dont know if that really sounds right but in short THANK YOU Ma'am!!

Bye for now, Do keep in touch!!

Priyanka Ann Joshi

NIFT B. F. Tech Design 2005

The comprehensive and complete study materials of the NIFT, of which I was an earnest aspirant . I am extremely thankful to the AFD for the excellent tips and guidance extended to me. AFD is surely a boon to the NIFT aspirants.


Nift 2006

This is Gayatri Sivakumar the one who was there in IGP class in Bangalore. Ok, I'll give u another clue- the girl who cut her finger and scared you.

Thanks for your IGP package and god's grace without which it was impossible for me to secure a rank of 218.I am happy to inform u that I made into fashion communication at Mumbai. Well the classes begin on 10th July and I am excited but nervous. Plz excuse me for this late reply.

Keep smiling and keep busy coaching future aspirants. Hope to see u in future as we all know earth is round BYE.


PEARL Academy

Hi Julie Madam,

Hope you are just fine. I was able to get the IGP package only two days before the second round. I wanted to tell you that I have been selected for pearl. I give its credit to you and AFD. All the packs really helped me. In the situational test i.e., in a group of 5 people, was given to design a chair and table. We made a chair in the shape of a colour palette and table in the shape of scissors. It looked totally cool. Then in the interview I was asked about what we made. They asked me about my famous industrialist, I said I dont know much about them but fashion designers. So they asked me about them. I talked about Manish Malhotra, JJ Valaya. and many more questions. It was fun. They saw my portfolio and then asked me whats the meaning of my name when I was leaving. I told them its deep- anti, antim deep i.e. The last deep. They told me that means when the world falls in darkness, you are the one who will give light to everyone. It felt very good. In this interview I acted very naturally and did not pretend anything and it worked. One thing I have learned is we should be as we are, not try to pretend thinking people wont like you. People like you as you are. Too much of philosophy!!!! Anyway hope to talk to you soon.

Take care,