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Admission guidance

Studying abroad is not merely about researching the net, filling in application forms and sending them to universities you have heard of. The admission is a complex process involving lot of queries, issues, and formalities that need to be looked into, understood, completed and followed through. Slightest of the mistakes or any loop holes in the application process can lead to the candidature being rejected.
We provide individual attention to your applications, ensuring that you submit an error free and well presented application. The Letter of Recommendation and Statement of Purpose play an important role in the application process. Our experienced counselors oversee the written works and help edit and polish those for final submission. Portfolio assessment is the most important step in the admission process. AFD assists you in crossing this bar by conducting portfolio development workshops.

AFD design class in progress

Portfolio preparation


Discussion during portfolio course

A design portfolio is a collection of your best artworks that highlight your aptitude in a particular discipline. It should create a sequence of images that tells your visual story. A strong portfolio is the determining factor in ones admission procedure to foreign design colleges and universities. There are fundamental qualities that all outstanding portfolios share, and a variety of principles and techniques that can help you take your portfolio from an average to excellent. Your portfolio should be appropriate to the situation and the reviewer, and all portfolios should show creativity, skills, range, thought, and ambition.

The right type
There is no specific method to prepare a portfolio. Depending on one’s personality and creative sensibilities, different presentation techniques are suitable. One should be aware of the ultimate aim and goal and accordingly choose the content of the portfolio. Also you need to consider what kind of presentation you are preparing.

Excellent, interesting and varied compositions are expected to be included in your portfolio. Intelligent use of color, focus, proportion and scale will make your portfolio attractive. Make an effort to communicate your level of skill with variety of tools typical for your chosen field. This may include drawing skills, model making, photography, manufacturing, Computer Aided Design, swatches etc.

Your portfolio should demonstrate your wide range of knowledge. It lets your reviewer know that you are flexible and can work under various circumstances. You can include different product categories, usage of different media and different levels of project work. Make an attempt to show your contribution to a project from concept to production.

That Special something
If your portfolio has good examples of everything mentioned above, then it is quality portfolio ready to compete with many other designers. But to acquire that extra edge over the rest of the competitors, your portfolio should display some extra ordinary proposition. It should be insightful, conceptual and meaningful. If you excel in one specific area, make sure to highlight that appropriately. Make a neat presentation, keep it simple and let the work speak for itself.

AFD conducts ‘design portfolio workshop’ to facilitate students get admitted to different foreign and national design institutes. The workshop will guide students to prepare portfolio for the chosen field of study. The following are the features of the workshop:

Introduction to mind mapping & assessing ones personal attributes
Theoretical knowledge on subjects like introduction to portfolio, elements of design, colour theory & verbo visual
Practical workshop on poster making, basic drawing, sketching & colouring, photography & 3D product development
Portfolio presentation techniques

AFD Portfolio Development Course

Academic Pathway & University selection

One of the highlights of studying design abroad is the variety of courses available for you. The specializations in India are limited as design education is still at its genesis. This might create confusion in minds of the students and parents. This is where our counselors guide you through the warren of questions. They study your profile with utmost care and apply their experience to suggest you the best career path suitable to your parameters. They work hard to ensure that they help you make an informed decision about your study choices. There are number of top class universities and institutes that offer quality education. We provide assistance to help you zero in on those Universities that would best suit your personal and academic goals. The applicants are made aware of the advantages and disadvantages of joining a particular university. We also look into your financial profile and help you choose the right university in the right city. AFD has a trained team of counselors, who help you to identify your professional goals and your aptitude for the right course, guiding you to take an appropriate academic decision.
Presentation by UCLAN (UK) to AFD students

Visa assistance

AFD provides all the necessary information and help required by the students for the Visa process. Our counselors will guide with the filling up of the applications and also preparing the all important financial statements. Moreover, all the other documents necessary are informed of so that the students go well prepared for the Visa interview. The students also seek interview guidance from us. We always keep ourselves updated with the latest Visa rules and documentations and provide free Visa guidance to the students.


Visa related information on few popular destinations

United Kingdom

Where to apply? Document check list Visa fees Processing time
Student to go to Visa Facilitation Services. VFS UK visa application centres are in 12 cities. Original Passport
Visa Application form
Copy of CAS certificate issued by the education provider
Advance tuition fees payment Receipt - if paid
Financial documents - must be minimum 28 days old
All academic documents & IELTS / work exp
Rs 13,950/- 2 to 6 weeks

United States of America

Where to apply? Document check list Visa fees Processing time
US Visa is an Interview based visa, Applicant has to apply to US embassy for their Interview, available in 11 cities Visa Application form DS - 160 available online
Original passport
Bank receipt
Sevis Fee receipt
Interview appointment letter
All academic documents including TOEFL, GMAT, GRE score sheet
Evidence of financial resources
Rs 6,440/- 2-4 weeks


Where to apply? Document check list Visa fees Processing time
Student Visas are lodged by universities itself. Student has to contact the University for more Information. A passport with at least 6 months validity
Acceptance form which comes with the COL
Proof of sufficient fund to last for the intended period of stay
All academic documents

S$30 taken by the university at the time of admission 2-3 weeks


Where to apply? Document check list Visa Fees Processing time
Applicant to apply through VFS, which is available in 9 cities. VFS will forward your application to the Canadian High commission in New Delhi Student Partners Programme (SPP)
Current passport
3 visa application forms and 2 photographs
Letter of acceptance from The Canadian Educational Institute
All academic documents
ILETS score sheet (mandatory)
Copy of the tuition fee paid to the institute
Educational loan letter
Non Student partners programme (NSPP)
All the above and
Form 16/ITR for 2 years
Bank records showing transaction history for 6 months
Rs 7,000/- Under SPP it takes 3-4 weeks
Under Non SPP it takes 5-6 weeks


Where to apply? Document check list Visa fees Processing time
A Student has to apply through French Visa Application Centres available in 4 cities A passport with at least 3 months validity
Visa letter duly completed and signed
A letter of admission from a French Academic Institute
Proof of finance for the education and stay
Academic certificates
Overseas medical insurance policy+ copy of air ticket
Rs. 6500/- 3-4 weeks
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